What is Rapid Bike


Developed thanks to preceding experiences gained in the engine management sector, Rapid Bike officially comes to light in 2004 with the objective of offering add-on modules for quick adjustments of the engine parameters with no interventions on the original ECU.

A full range of features and accessories is soon introduced in order to answer the increasing demand for better perfomance and features.

Thanks to a solid technological base, the Rapid Bike tuning modules could adapt to the most restrictive Euro3 and Euro4 regulations, and support advanced accessories such as self-adjusting shifters and up-down blippers.

Thanks to a microprocessor managing the O2 sensor signal, the EASY module adjusts the air/fuel ratio, improves the engine efficiency and eliminates the torque and power gaps typical of the low and medium ranges. This O2 sensor optimizer is simple to install and quick to setup. It does not need a computer to be tuned, is water-resistant and small enough to be hidden under the faitings or the seat.

Our EVO unit controls the fueling operations. It is directly connected to each injector (up to eight) and modulates the O2 sensor in both the closed and open loop. The carburetion values can be modified throughout the entire power curve, and thanks to its exclusive Auto-Adaptivity feature, it will auto-tune according to the conditions, riding style and minor modifications on the bike.

Rapid Bike Racing represents the most complete tuning module on the market. Starting from the new standards set by Rapid Bike EVO, the RACING unit is designed to manage additional and innovative features such as the ignition timing, traction and launch control and engine braking. Moreover it supports multiple maps, pit-lane limiter and quickshifter / up-down blipper.