Rapid Bike EVO add-on module allows total control of the injection as it is directly connected to all stock injectors (up to eight) while managing the corresponding air/fuel ratio. As a result, the injection values can be modified throughout the entire power curve.

In addition to that, the ability to manage the stock O2 sensor signal enables the exclusive auto-adaptive feature that constantly adjusts the fueling while riding. Consequently, the injection map becomes dynamic, in order to match the changing weather conditions and riding styles.
This function is highly beneficial at low and medium rpm where the engine performance is limited due to the restrictive environmental regulations.


  • Supports our Quick-Shifters range of products allowing up-shifts or both up/down shifts. (Please contact us for the detailed applications list of the Auto-Blipper)
  • Multiple maps management using the specific handlebar switch to be purchased as a separate accessory.
  • Raising RPM limiter (up to 1500 additional rpm).
  • Removing speed limiters.
  • For V-engines equipped with double O2 sensors, it is possible to develop a specific injection map as well as an auto-adaptive remapping setting specific for each cylinder.
  • Fully editable maps according to the engines specifications. Possibility to create:
    • One map per cylinder
    • One map per injector
    • Two maps for lower/upper injectors
    • One map per gear

In addition to that, with the YOUTUNE controller the EVO  module allows to activate two additional functions:

  • Engine Braking Management.
  • RPM control to set a rev-limiter to limit the speed according to the conditions.

You can always download a free version of our Rapid Bike Master software to make adjustments, troubleshooting, and to improve your bike's performance. This application is essential to properly configurate the Shift-Assist and to improve the throttle sensitivity. The software can also be used to make manual modifications to the maps and to the way the Auto-Adaptivity works.


We recommend the EVO unit to a biker who is looking for better performance without worrying about dyno-sheets. Rapid Bike EVO requires some mechanical and electrical skills to be installed, though it comes with an installing guide and ready to go. The improvements will be noticeable on the whole power-curve, with an optimal adjustment of the fueling at every range, especially when compensating for minor modifications such as an exhaust or intake system. Awesome on every motorcycle, it represents a great solution to get the best out of your road-going bike with an eye on the fuel efficiency as well.
This tuning solution covers the most of the bases, but among its most successful applications we find: BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and many others.


Rapid Bike EVO comes ready to use. In the box you will find the wiring harness to suit the selected bike, the USB cable to connect it to your laptop and a velcro to secure it after the installation. Moreover, the unit will be pre-programmed for the selected bike, with a base map and the Auto-Adaptivity feature activated.

Rapid Bike Australia

RAPID BIKE EVO Wiring Diagram

Rapid Bike EVO manages the injection of your bike because it works between the original ECU and the injectors. In order to offer maximum accuracy and consistency, the wiring loom plugs into a series of sensors: • Injector(s), up to 8, in order to extend or shorten their duty cycle. • O2 Sensor(s), to avoid any engine light because of the different air/fuel mixture and to adjust the injection in real time. • Crank Sensor, in order to read the RPM in the most accurate way. • Gear position sensor • 12+. The power supply is usually taken from the injectors, O2 sensors or rear brake light. • Negative pole of the battery.

YouTune Console


The YOUTUNE console is an accessory meant to allow the customization of your settings without having to use the laptop, directly on the bike. With Rapid Bike EVO it will also enable the engine braking management and allow you to set a lower rev-limiter to control your speed according to the conditions.