About Dimsport

Dimsport is the synonym of electronic tuning in the Automotive World. As a result, the current performance line represents the benchmark for OBD2 and BDM tools, as well as dynamometers and road simulators.

The technological platform developed over the years supports an extensive range of needs regarding petrol, diesel and gas engines. Moreover, Dimsport has operated on the tuning and race field for over 30 years. For this reason, the R&D department has extended its interest to race tools and add-on modules. In other words, Rapid Bike is the natural evolution of the engine calibration module, as it responds to the need for flexibility, simplicity and effectiveness. 

Furthermore, since becoming part of Holdim, Dimsport entered a larger and diversified group, joining key companies for the tuning industry of the future. 

Rapid Bike Australia