About Rapid Bike

Rapid Bike was born as the motorcycle branch of Dimsport in 2004, with the introduction of the first additional ECUs to manage the main engine parameters. Following the first successes, a new generation of modules saw the light. As a result, new features and accessories appeared. Notably, we can mention the first traction control and integrated up/down shifter.

Today, with a distributor in every market and some solid technical partnerships around the world, Rapid Bike is the most advanced add-on modules manufacturer. For this reason, the company still strives for improvement although staying faithful to its vision.

The Rapid Bike vision includes:

  • 100% made in Italy products for high quality standards.
  • Extensive testing of the products on the dyno, road, track and extreme conditions.
  • Maximum customer service with three levels of technical support represented by:
    • Factory trained installers around the world.
    • National distributors in every market.
    • Technical department in the headquarters, in Italy.
Rapid Bike Australia