New Rapid Bike SMART add-on fueling kit is specifically designed to improve the performance of the newest motorcycles equipped with highly sophisticated wide-band O2 sensors to comply with the latest European emission regulations.

This technology directly controls the O2 sensor signal in order to prompt the stock ECU into adopting a richer AFR over the entire power curve, with substantial benefits in terms of performance and overall engine running conditions.

Rapid Bike SMART technology introduces an innovative concept of software management with user-friendly parameters specifically designed to amplify or reduce the effects of the stock lambda sensor signal modification according to the throttle opening.

Product highlights

  • Compact dimensions for easy installation
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth
  • Two simple steps to disable the module and bring back the motorcycle to stock configuration: a throttle openings sequence, or a digital switch available through the software
  • Equipped with status led for immediate connection check
  • Plug-and-play wiring harness separate from SMART add-on module (for different model applications)
  • Dedicated free software version for managing the effects of stock lambda sensors signal modulation
Rapid Bike Smart Australia box

Fueling Technology for Smart Riders

The first of its kind, Rapid Bike Smart allows a revolutionary management of the O2 sensors to get an improvement in performance and drive-ability. In other words, it uses the devices responsible for the poor low revs fueling of Euro5 bikes and uses them to its advantage.


Rapid Bike SMART is our answer to the new opportunities created by the addition of wide-band O2 sensors on new Euro 5 compliant bikes.
Currently available for BMW R1250 models, this new solution brings consistent improvements in an easier way, to get these new motors to run at their best.

Rapid Bike Smart setting

Rapid Bike Smart Software

Thanks to its free software, Rapid Bike Smart can be set to work with a different AFR target for each throttle opening percentage, for each O2 sensor individually. Moreover, thanks to its bluetooth capability, no wired connection is needed.

Rapid Bike Smart

Rapid Bike Smart Unit

Rapid Bike Smart is our answer to all those who suggested to make a smaller unit, easier to hide. Because of this, not only it is significantly smaller than our Easy, EVO and Racing modules, but it can also connect to a computer wireless, with no cable or adapter needed.

Rapid Bike Smart power torque

BMW R1250 GS - 45% Throttle

This graph displays the improvement in performance on a BMW R1250GS thanks to the Rapid Bike Smart module.The power and AFR refer to a moderate throttle opening (45%), and this is where the most consistent improvements will be found.