HONDA CRF 1000 Africa Twin (Racing Exlusive)


The Exclusive unit cannot be re-programmed for a different model and will not include the USB cable to connect it to a PC.
ETA: 5 to 7 working days.

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Rapid Bike Racing for Africa Twin CRF1000L.
This unit improves the performance with a consistent power increase all over the rev range and a much better throttle response. In addition, Rapid Bike Racing adjusts the injection in real time and improves the map continuously. In other words, it will suit suit modifications such as an open exhaust or air filter.
Thanks to its qualities, Rapid Bike Racing can also suit common modifications, such as the cat removal.

Furthermore, additional features are:

  • Ignition timing map for maximum performance
  • Engine Braking control
  • Traction Control, although only with Youtune console
  • Launch Control, although only with Youtune console
  • RPM limiter extension up to 1000 revs

Rapid Bike Racing for Africa Twin supports the Rapid Bike all-round Quickshifter, although changes to the leverage might be required. For this reason, with OEM footrests we recommend using our Shift Rod Type A. This accessory is available for non DCT models.

Please take a look to the dyno graphs. As shown in the tests,Rapid Bike Racing represents a great tuning solution, as it covers all the riding ranges.
The lines represent the power delivery at different throttle openings and WOT. As you can see, the unit offers impressive improvements from the bottom to the top end.

All the Rapid Bike units are developed to suit a specific application. The Africa Twin tuning module is no exception.
Moreover, each of our tuning modules are:

  • Made in Italy
  • Dyno tested
  • Produced at the highest Automotive standards

Rapid Bike Exclusive unit is a budget version of the Racing. As a result, it will not be possible to re-program it for a different bike and does not come with the USB cable to link it to a computer (available as a spare part).

ETA: 5 to 7 working days.