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My Tuning Bike performs a real-time injection adjustment to reach a specific air/fuel ratio target. In addition, thanks to the can-bus line and a wide band O2 sensor it can do it in real time.
In this way, the injection values are instantly modified to respond to the AFR targets set by the tuner.

For bikes with multiple cylinders displacement, it is possible to install up to 4 My Tuning Bike units in line. For this reason, differently from the Auto-Adaptivity feature, you will be able to create and manage one wide-band O2 sensor map per cylinder with a different target in every possible range.
This translates in an unmatchable precision in the injection management, with results to suit every need, from fuel economy to tyre saving or maximum power.

This accessory performs at its best on the track. For this reason, when purchasing it for road use, please consider:

  • Know and set different AFR targets for different uses
  • The number of units required based on the engine displacement
  • Possible worse fuel economy depending on the AFR target
  • An additional bung for each O2 sensor

Finally, My Tuning Bike only works with a Bosch LSU 4.9 Oxygen sensor.

To install additional units in-line, mention the following SKU:

  • K27MYTB-02
  • K27MYTB-03
  • K27MYTB-04