Rapid Bike EASY is equipped with a microprocessor managing directly the lambda sensor signal to optimize the air/fuel ratio, improve the engine efficiency and eliminate the torque and power gaps typical of the low and medium ranges. In other words, it is an effective solutions to get rid of those annoying flat-spots that are common on Euro4 (and soon Euro5) bikes.

Simply PLUG and PLAY!

Install your EASY module on the stock O2 sensor connector and the negative pole of the battery... Now you are ready for the module fine-tuning: this is a very simple procedure thanks to the two easily accessible trimmers, without any need for additional software operations.

EASY add-on module can manage up to two lambda sensors, and is designed especially for motorbikes in a standard or lightly modified configuration.

Touring and Cruiser bikes are the ideal candidate for RAPID BIKE EASY

Our entry level unit is not meant to deliver the maximum amount of power, but to deliver the best possible riding experience. Being mainly effective in the so-called "closed loop", Rapid Bike Easy will smoothen the power delivery and throttle response in that crucial area that goes up to 6000 revs, at partialized throttle. The one that you moslty use everyday, on the road. The best value for money for a tune that you can enjoy everyday in your commutes, or on those relaxing weekend rides.


We recommend the Rapid Bike EASY to the rider who wants a smoother throttle response and fluidity while looking at the value-for-money of the modification. It will be effective especially up to 5/6000 RPM which makes it ideal for motorcycles used for traveling, commuting or in the city.

Rapid Bike Australia

Rapid Bike Easy Diagram

As an O2 sensor modulator, Rapid Bike Easy works on the signals showing the AFR to the ECU; by altering them, it will get the bike to run richer or leaner, without affecting the idling situation or those areas of the injection map that are not affected by the O2 sensor.

Rapid Bike Australia

Rapid Bike Easy Settings

Thanks to the trims on the main module you can decide how much fuel to add or remove from the injection. The "Setting" trim value depends on the model: The correct one is indicated in the instructions. As for the "Fuel Ratio", we recommend an optimal value for each model, but you can go richer or leaner by moving the trim on a bigger or smaller value.

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber RB Easy tune

This graph displays the improvement in performance on a Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber, thanks to the Rapid Bike Easy module. The power and AFR refer to a moderate throttle opening (30%), and this is where our entry level unit will make the difference.