Engine rpm, throttle opening, fueling data, quick-shifting operations, lambda values, leaning angle, as well as the typical functions of a GPS stopwatch: the valuable contribution of a Rapid Bike electronic control unit optimizing bike’s performance is now fully ‘visible’ on the screen of your smartphone with the Race Time app.

Originally developed with the purpose to connect wireless EVO and RACING modules to the software for engine parameters management, today BLUEBIKE takes a big step forward thanks to the collaboration with the staff of RaceTime, a young start-up developer of applications for race-track use; the final result is for Rapid Bike to land on Android devices.

Once BLUEBIKE adapter is installed on the bike (plug & play standard connections) and RaceTime App is downloaded, the motorcyclist can access at any time a full package of extremely useful data to evaluate and further improve his driving style, no matter whether he is engaged in chasing a fast lap on the race track or he is riding in the hills.


New UP/DOWN SHIFT ASSIST represents a big step forward in terms of quick-shifting solution offered by RAPID BIKE thanks to a further technological development to perform up-shifting (traditional mode) as well as down-shifting operations (the so-called ‘blipper’, available only for bike models equipped with ‘ride by wire’). A new device reaching unmatched technical standards designed to deliver outstanding performance to race track enthusiasts and further improve riding experience.

The new shifting device exchanging information with EVO and RACING add-on modules via CAN-bus allows to perform auto-calibration of shifting kill-time in relation to the pressure applied in both directions, upper and lower gear, while matching the engine peculiar configuration. A greater bike’s handlebar control and lower mechanical stress, granted by the unique ‘self-learning’ process, improve considerably driving safety.

This new accessory actually inherits all the benefits and advantages of previous ‘All around quick shifter sensor’ including full compatibility with YouTune to manage pressure level applied for activating shifting operations. Another additional feature to be managed via YouTune is the modulation of engine response sensitivity when opening throttle control. 


YouTune is the new handlebar mounted controller putting a technological revolution in your hands. A compact and innovative calibration device allowing to customize your bike’s performance in real time, whether you are on the street or on a race track.

To be purchased as a separate accessory for installation with Rapid Bike EVO and Rapid Bike RACING modules.

  • Modifying target ofAIR/FUEL RATIO PARAMETER for auto-adaptive fuel adjustments. Displaying air/fuel ratio value and changing its target in real time (with My Tuning Bike installed).
  • Fine tune modulation ofQUICK-SHIFTING kill time.
  • DISPLAYING THE MAIN ENGINE PARAMETERS: RPM, TPS, AFR, OEM O2 Sensor Status, Gear – also TC and EB operating.
  • RPM/SPEED CONTROLactivation to maintain constant cruising, a very useful tool to drive comfortably even in traffic jams, areas with speed-traps cameras, etc. You will still have to hold the throttle.
  • Modulation of ENGINE BRAKING(now available also for Rapid Bike EVO)
  • TRACTION CONTROL* activation and fine tuning modulation of its effectiveness

LAUNCH CONTROL* activation to enable and modulate settings for a 'flying start'

* Available only on Rapid Bike Racing module

Evo-Racing Accessories


A by-pass replacing the RapidBike module and setting the bike to stock conditions without removing the wiring harness. In this way, it is possible to have an immediate comparison of the bike performance in real driving conditions. Very useful in areas with severe restrictions for installing high-performance accessories.


Take advantage of the Rapid Bike full potential and switch between different map-settings: injection, ignition, limiters (also in pit-lane when using the Racing module), engine braking control and self-adaptive injection map.


Pit-lane limiter switch enabling speed control management. A valuable tool not only in closed race tracks but also in areas controlled by roadside ‘speed camera’ systems. Available only for Rapid Bike RACING add-on module.


My Tuning Bike performs a real-time injection adjustment, according to a specific air/fuel ratio target. The peculiarity of this tool is the time required to perform the auto-remapping operation thanks to the can-bus line and a wide band O2 sensor. The injection values are instantly modified to respond immediately to the AFR targets set by the tuner.

Differently from the Auto-Adaptivity feature, you will be able to create and manage up to one wide-band O2 sensor map per cylinder with a different target in every possible range. This will translate in an unmatchable precision in the injection, with results to suit every need, from fuel economy to tyre saving or maximum power.